Watch Live This Thursday at 6 PM: Pum Lefebure Interview

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This Thursday, I am honored to be interviewing Design Army co-founder and chief creative officer, Pum Lefebure, live in Savannah at the SCAD Museum of Art for Episode 2, Season 2 of HOW Design Live @ SCAD 2017.

The mission of this pre-HOW Design Live “pop up” interview series is designed to introduce SCAD students to leading design entrepreneurs and visionaries who have built on their design foundation and are using their creativity to do something meaningful.

In the meantime, read the new Q&A between Pum and Bryn Mooth.

I plan to get Pum talking about where she’s been, how she got here and where she’s going.

You can watch live here:

In the meantime, here are some of her links:


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