Want to blog, but dread writing?

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In Ilise’s recent content marketing workshop, a lot of people cited “lack of time” as the main roadblock to writing. Well, if this is you…I can certainly relate. Time is definitely not in abundance around here either.

I’m a decent writer, but it takes me forever.

Writing is not my passion.

And I don’t particularly enjoy it.

But I knew content marketing was important!

So I tried to write blog posts. I spent hours. Sometimes I managed to get blog posts done. But they were inconsistent. And they felt really, really hard. The rest of the time, I dreaded writing. I moved “write blog post” from one day to the next on my to-do list. And I beat myself up.

Listen closely: I’ve been there. The self-inflicted torture is not worth it.

You can’t keep “waiting” for time to open up so you can write, but it will probably never happen.

You can’t keep “waiting” to feel like writing. That also won’t happen.

If you strive to be doing consistent content marketing, yet keep coming up empty because you don’t have the time, energy or desire, see how I solved the problem of creating consistent content (without the torture):
How to solve your lack-of-blogging problem

And if you want guidance to create content marketing that attracts your dream clients, check out Ilise’s next content marketing workshop, starting October 25th.


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