To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

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Here’s a big question most people ask when they start building their network:

Once you make a new connection, how and when should you pitch your services to them?

Short answer: Never!

That’s right. I don’t recommend “pitching” your services - ever.

Even if you know you could truly help someone…

If they’re not in their “moment of need” when you approach them, no pitching is going to change that.

So how do you turn connections into clients?

Watch this 5-minute networking “Minisode” to find out:

Watch this short networking "minisode"!

Networking isn’t about finding a new client
right now.

It’s about building trust, staying top-of-mind, and expanding possibilities for yourself. That’s why it’s the best marketing tool to get your business off the ground.

If you continue to reach out to your connections in a helpful way - without wanting anything in return…

Your creative business will grow and flourish.

No pitching or selling necessary - ever!

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