The real reason you can’t finish your own web site

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Why is it so hard for creative professionals to get their own web site done?

That’s a rhetorical question, actually, because I do have a few ideas about why this is such a big challenge.

For example, I know you can write and/or design a client’s web site without any problem.  But, for some reason, you just can’t do your own, right?

I suspect the real reason is this: because you (we all) need distance — and when you’re doing it for your client, that’s exactly what you have.

But when it’s for yourself, that’s exactly what you don’t have.

That’s why Jill Anderson, of, has successfully positioned herself as the designer’s web designer…most designers just can’t do it themselves, (even if on paper you should be able to!)

And that’s why her latest free report addresses this issue head on!

In the “free report,” Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designersshe outlines her simple process:

  1. get-your-website-donePick your niche
  2. Define your services
  3. Determine your competitors 
  4. List your pages
  5. Don’t get hung up
  6. Choose your call to action
  7. Write all of the content
  8. Get photos taken 
  9. Prepare your portfolio
  10. Take inspiration & design
  11. Code
  12. Launch your site 

If you were her client, this is the process she would walk you through. But if you’re not, you can do it yourself! Either way, you win!

Download the free report here. And read this post for more “free report” examples I like.

(BTW, if you need help with the first 3 steps of that process, I can help. So take advantage of my free 30 minute mentoring session.)

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