Red flags? Just say no.

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If you don’t want the project, say:

I’m not the best fit for this project. 

If the project isn’t your cup of tea but might be someone else’s, say:

I’m not the best fit for this project, but (insert name) might be.

These are the only two statements you’ll need if a project isn’t a good fit.

See, it’s easy to turn down a project.

This means you never have to take a project you don’t want—especially one with red flags—just because you don’t know what to say.

So use your free consultation to get information about the project and the client. Also, pay attention to your gut and tune in to possible red flags. See which red flags I look out for in my latest blog post: Client Red Flags: 11 Signs of a Bad Client.

P.S. Red flags don't always mean you have to say no. Check out Ilise's video, Problem Clients: How to Spot Them and Turn Them Into Good Ones.


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