QR Codes: What the Heck Are They?

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Yesterday I asked if your newsletter makes sense to your audience. Here is another great example of a newsletter that demonstrates value in a relevant way. Sharon Bending, from Bending Design, addresses QR codes in a way that makes them easy for clients to understand, while showing the benefit, and highlighting her expertise. Here is an excerpt:

You may have started hearing the term "QR Codes", or possibly seen them in a recent ad while flipping through a magazine. They are a widely used technology in Japan and elsewhere, and are starting to gain ground in the US.

So what are they?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode capable of multiple uses with the information stored such as visiting websites, sending emails, dialing phone numbers, viewing text and images, and more. They are accessible through a scanner, but not the bulky, special scanning device that is used with barcodes.

By simply downloading a specific app for your smart phone you have the ability to read a QR code. Barcodes can only store a maximum of 20 digits, while QR codes can store up to hundreds. This is due to the fact that QR codes store data horizontally as well as vertically.

She continues by addressing “Why should you care?” and “How do you get started?” Read the rest here.

How can you use your newsletter to simplify something for clients?


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