[Podcasts] Summer Listening from HOW Design Live

Did you know that in addition to the MarketingMentorPodcast.com, which I've been hosting for more than 10 years, I also host the HOW Design Live Podcast, where the theme is "the business of creativity and creativity in business." I publish a new episode for each every other week and I don't do reruns during the summer!

So here are a few of my favorite recent episodes -- and you can subscribe to the HOW Design Live podcast here on iTunes

Episode #82: Allen Gannett on the Secret Behind Creative Success

I talk with Allen Gannett, author of the new book, The Creative Curve, about the science behind creativity and how high-achieving creatives “create” success for themselves and their work. Gannett spoke at the first-ever HOW Marketing Live 2018 in Boston. Listen here and read more here

Episode #84: Connie Birdsall of Lippincott.com on Branding for The Customer of the Future

I chat with Global Creative Director of Lippincott, Connie Birdsall, about women in design leadership and branding for the customer of the future. Listen here.

Episode #73: Katie Lane on Negotiating with Confidence

I talk with Katie Lane, lawyer and negotiation coach for artists and freelancers, about how to negotiate with confidence and get what you need. Listen here.