[Podcast] #332 Networking tips for creative professionals (and other self proclaimed introverts)

Why are people so reluctant to connect with strangers?

I’ve been presenting quite a bit the past couple months at HOW Design Live (see the short clip above), Revolve, PhotoPlus Expo, AWAI’s Bootcamp and the women only event, Titanides NOW. And one of my most popular sessions is about networking, although I’ve been advised not to call it that since everyone cringes at the thought of it!

In fact, for Revolve, we called it The Art of Making Meaningful Connections. That's what it is: making friends, talking (not even about yourself really) and learning from everyone you meet.

That’s my goal when I attend an event and that's what I'm teaching in this special podcast version of my HOW Design Live 2017 networking session.  I go into a lot of detail and share actual language for how to do it in a way that I hope will be comfortable to creatives and other self proclaimed introverts. Listen and learn.  

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