[Podcast] #341 A Highly Accountable & Trackable Marketing System with Chris Leone

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When I gave my talk, The Art of Attracting the Best Clients, at Owner Summit recently in Charleston, there was one guy in the audience who was nodding at me the whole time. As a speaker, that’s helpful.

When we talked afterward, Chris Leone of Web Strategies Inc. told me he was nodding because I was affirming a lot of what his digital firm is doing for bizdev.

Chris offered to share what he called his “highly accountable and highly trackable marketing system” with me -- I knew immediately it would be something I'd want to share. 

So Chris graciously agreed to be on the podcast and generously share the details about exactly how his firm does their bizdev: from their “no gorilla rule” to which tools work best, as well as the foundation of their system, the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution 

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