[Podcast] #347 Creative Services by Subscription = Recurring Revenue for You?

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When I ask creative professionals who their ideal clients are, a good 25% want to work with organizations who are doing good, which usually means they choose the non profit sector as their niche.

And while that may make it competitive, the non profit world is actually very broad with lots of pain points you can address and sub-niches, from sustainability and social justice, to philanthropy and even higher education. So I think there’s room for everyone.

That said, many of these orgs have relatively small budgets. And some of those with healthy budgets can’t afford the perception that they’re spending it irresponsibly (i.e. on marketing). At the same time, most of them desperately need help with their communications strategy, design and copywriting. So that’s a bit of a dilemma.

REACH attempts to solve this dilemma.

REACH is a new discount subscription program that gives organizations with limited capacity ongoing access to the resources and design expertise of GDLOFT.

GDLoft is a Philadelphia-based design firm run by Allan Espiritu and Kevin Kernan, and I met them at HOW Design Live this year.

They have an interesting idea that could be a "win/win" for everyone involved: non profits get creative services at a discount and creative professionals get recurring revenue.

Listen here or below, and then consider trying something like it for yourself.

And if you want need help choosing a niche or you have a niche but don’t know which marketing tools are most effective, let me help. Just sign up for my free 30 minute mentoring session and we'll figure it out together.


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