[Podcast] #342 Corey Poirier on the Business of Being a Speaker

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My most effective marketing tool is content marketing.

And my most effective content marketing tool, hands down, is speaking. I have been speaking to groups of creatives since 1993, when I spoke at my first HOW Design Conference (the next one is April 30-May 3, 2018 in Boston).

However, speaking is not the main core of my business . (Mentoring is, by the way, so if you’re looking for a mentor, sign up for my free mentoring session.) 

For today’s guest on the MarketingMentorPodcast.com, Corey Poirier. Speaking is the core of Corey’s business. In fact, his web address is thatspeakerguy.com. (Watch his TEDx talk here.)

I grilled Corey on the business of speaking, including:

  • the various markets for speakers
  • whether you have to have a book to be a high-level speaker
  • whether you have to have a TEDx talk
  • the value of free webinars, online summits and speakers bureaus  

So if you are interested in speaking, whether as part of your content marketing strategy or for money, you’ll learn a lot from this interview. I know I did.

So listen here (or below) and learn… 

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