[Podcast] #324 Alan Seiden: From Awkward Techie to Tech “Celebrity”

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One of the many things I love about getting older is that people come back into your life and we get a chance to look back together and laugh at ourselves and be grateful for how we helped each other, often without even knowing it! That's what you'll hear on this new podcast episode.

I met Alan Seiden, a computer programmer, in 2004 at a networking event in NY. At the time, Alan had a job he was not "satisfied with. In fact, I wrote about him (under a pseudonym) in my 2006 book, Stop Pushing Me Around."

Andy is an extremely intelligent computer programmer who considers himself shy. He likes his work but wishes he could be left alone to do it. He works in a small family-owned software development business and his boss had promised Andy a bonus last year, but it hasn't been mentioned since. Andy would like to speak to his boss about the bonus, but he never knows when his boss will be in a good mood and he doesn't know how to approach it, so he hasn't said anything."

Alan isn't waiting for that bonus anymore!

Today he runs The Seiden Group, his own consulting firm with a growing team,  a very clear niche (their tagline is: The PHP on IBM i Experts), and even a bit of celebrity status in that niche. And he takes pride in treating his team with respect and taking the risks his boss wouldn't.

How did he do it?

He shared his experience and lessons with me in this podcast. We talked about:

  • how he markets his business (Hint: lots of content marketing, especially speaking at conferences! He does some really fun videos too)
  • how he prices his projects (hourly vs. value pricing)
  • how he manages his team (it involves an elephant)
  • what the heck is "Club Seiden"
  • and much more!

But the thread woven through all of this is how proactive he’s been through it all. If "Andy" is still shy (only he can say), it's no longer getting in his way!

It is such a thrill to see someone grow and change over the years and I realize that is essential if you are going to be successful – that’s what I see every day. (In fact, David Brooks writes about this in the NY Times.)

We can’t stay the way we are. We can’t grow unless we change and start doing things we never thought we’d be able to do, myself included.

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Alan Seiden - From Awkward Techie to Tech “Celebrity

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