[Podcast] #322 3 Simple Steps to Price Your Creative Projects

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No matter how long you’ve been self employed, it never hurts to get a little refresher on pricing.

So today’s podcast is the audio version of a webinar I gave earlier this year for PaperSpecs.

It’s called 3 Simple Steps to Price Your Creative Projects and it’s part of my ongoing effort to take each of these pesky business tasks that they don’t teach you in school (and which creative people imagine are so complicated) and distill them into the simplest steps, so you will actually do them and see that it’s not, in fact, complicated at all.

Here's what you will learn:

  • What to say (and never say) when someone asks, “What do you charge?”
  • How to figure out what you need to charge
  • How to find out what your prospects can pay
  • How to control the money conversation so you can command the fees you deserve
  • Why you should stop asking for the client’s budget

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