[Podcast] #320 Bryn Mooth on Self Confidence & Self Employment

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You are in for a treat because today today’s podcast is an interview with one of my favorite people, Bryn Mooth, former Editor of HOW Magazine and now a thriving freelance food and wellness writer at Writes4food.com and brynmooth.com.

You may remember hearing the interviews we recorded when she left the comfort of her full time position.  

Well, she is now "6 years wiser" as she said to me in the podcast, and having the time of her life. I ran into her at HOW Design Live last month in Chicago and we had a chance to catch up.

Before we knew it, we had gotten into a very deep conversation about the intersection of self employment, self confidence and self respect.

So I wanted to try to bring that conversation to you through the podcast. I think it worked!

So listen, and then try some of these ideas on for yourself.

Listen here or below... 


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