Networking on the water

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Have you ever been to a networking event on a boat? 

Nadine Noble has. 

Nadine runs Idea Nest, a Content & Communications Design company in Canada.

Last week she sent me this message about a networking event I helped prepare her for. 

"The networking-on-a-boat went well (it operates as a ferry in the summer). I wouldn’t call it a roaring success, but it was an enjoyable evening.

I was able to reconnect with some clients I hadn’t worked with for a while. I was introduced to a few ‘people of interest’, but the timing wasn’t right for conversation – one was scanning tickets at the entrance, and the other was fighting sea sickness – but I'll reach out to them on LinkedIn to hopefully open up communication.

Perhaps my best connection of the night was a brand designer. There aren’t many designers in my area, so it was nice to discover one – my list of local referrals is almost non-existent. 
I will say that networking is becoming much more comfortable :)

On a side note: I did see the most cringe-worthy networking approach from a couple.

It began with an awkward interruption of a conversation (Hey – it
s a networking event. Lets network!) followed by a quick run-down of what they did: running a podcast AND owning a fireworks store.

The man invited us to be on the podcast, and the woman mentioned something about smoke bombs while shoving business cards into our hands, including a promo for their friend
s upcoming workshop (because she couldnt make the event to hand them out herself).

Then almost as abruptly as they appeared, they moved on to the next group. I don’t even think they said their names, nor did they ask for ours. My client and I looked at each other in disbelief. What just happened?

The next day, I received this update from Nadine:

"In the past hour on LinkedIn, I’ve connected with (and received responses from) several people I met in passing at the event – those I wanted to have deeper conversations with but didn’t get the chance. So perhaps it was more successful than I realized."

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