Mixmasters Elsewhere: Colleen on getting your 15 minutes of fame

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Unlike designer and Marketing Mentor friend Jeff Fisher, I am not a big self-promoter. Or, to be precise, I am not very comfortable tooting my own horn. (I blame it on my Midwestern roots as well as a few other, less salubrious aspects of my upbringing which familiars of my blog are acquainted with.)

Still, you gotta be out there—even a non-horn-tooting, Chicago-raised Calvinist like me recognizes that. So I’ve managed to (quietly) proliferate across the web, which has made my profile more visible and my name better known.

One of the places I do this proliferating is Notes on Design, the Design Sessions blog, where I wrote up my experiences with Getting It Out There. The main theory:

Be everywhere, usefully. Help people find
things and learn things at the same time they’re learning about you.

Not a bad quote, if I do say so myself. (Blushes, ducks, runs.)

Of course, Ilise read it and insisted that I post about it here. And no, I didn’t tell her about the original post.

You see? I told you this web proliferation thing works. Even if you’re not a shameless self-promoter.

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