LinkedIn Now: Best Practices for Getting Great Clients — Inside AWAI


I gave a brand-spankin' new presentation about how to use LinkedIn last week through American Writers & Artists Inc and they have generously made it available on YouTube!

They're the same people who put on the annual Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp AND Job Fair I will be speaking at again in May 14-17 in Delray Beach. (And you can get $500 off if you register before 3/30/19)

In this new webinar, you'll learn how... 

  • LinkedIn = Your Resume & Web Site (your profile)
  • LinkedIn = Your Address Book (your network)
  • LinkedIn = Your Search Engine (your searches)
  • LinkedIn = Your Email Service (your messages)
  • LinkedIn = Your Social Media Feed (your stream)
  • LinkedIn = Your Blog (your articles)

Watch it here 

This webinar is just one little bit of the type of high quality content put out by AWAI -- I hope you'll join me to learn from all the best copywriters in May. Register by 3/30 and get $500 off. See you there?