It’s not too late to say “Happy New Year”

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Yesterday I got this Happy New Year postcard from Elements Design wishing me a year of growth and success.

On Friday, I got this “new year” email message about 2017 trends from one of my clients.

And even though it feels like we’re already months into this new year, it’s not too late to wish your own network a happy new year.

Here’s the rule: you can say happy new year until January 31st without anyone looking askance.

So for any of you who have said (or even just thought): “I meant to send out a holiday gift and/or new year message but now it’s too late….”

No-sir-ee, as my grandmother used to say.

Amy Graver, Founder of Elements Design, explains her rationale for sending in January..

We send after the holidays (but admit this year was a bit later than normal) because we don’t want to get buried in the pile of cards and gifts our clients get. We stand out more this way than before the holiday. Also, January is when most make their decisions on upcoming projects, so we like to stay top of mind. 

Do it now!


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