Interview with the illustration “king” of self-promotion, Daniel Pelavin

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Daniel Pelavin is entering his 5th decade as a typographic designer and illustrator. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Graphic Artists Guild’s Reboot, Retool, Refuel conference. He was pointed out as being “the king of self-promotion,” and of course, I had to find out more. 

Daniel agreed to an interview so I asked him to elaborate on his reference to Copernicus and self-promotion, which I’d never heard in the same sentence before.

Daniel said that through self promotion, you discover that you are not the center of the universe. And when you begin to look at things in terms of your clients and their needs, you gain a lot of power over how you can affect your experience with them.

He also talks about:

• The importance of being memorable—and how he does this himself
• Why illustrators need clients who are “willing to take a chance.”
• Why new illustrators should consider selling carpets, first. 

Listen to this 13-minute interview on the Marketing Mentor Podcast. 

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