Instagram for Freelancers with Puno Puno at HOW Design Live

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I am thrilled to announce that we have added a session on "Instagram for Freelancers" with Puno Puno, founder of ilovecreatives and the Instagram marketing tool, PeopleMap, to the roster of the Creative Freelancer Track at HOW Design Live next month.

Won't you join me? 

You will also hear from:

...and much more, including my new session, "Want Better Clients? Cure Their Pain," all about how to find your ideal clients' pain points and turn them into high quality content marketing!

Plus, check out the special events that will be happening all week at HOW, including speed coaching, HOW Connection, The ImageThink Journalling Wall, and The Interaction Wall, hosted by Marketing Mentor friend and client, Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative. This will be very cool! Details here.

And if you register with my promo code (MENTOR10),  you'll get 10% off any ticket!

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The Creative Freelancer Track is designed for the established freelancer or agency owner who is serious about growing their business and taking it to the next level. You will learn the content marketing tools that will attract higher quality clients with better projects – and bigger budgets too! Putting these tools into practice will allow you to take control of your career and build the business (and life) you want.

Won’t you join me in Chicago, May 9-10?

Use my promo code (MENTOR10) for an extra 10% off now!

In the meantime, check out Puno's step by step video on how to create a budget.

Watch it here or below:

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