I feel like a dinosaur

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Things haven’t just changed in my personal life. They’re changing in my business life, too. And they’re the worst kind of changes—technical ones! Ugh. I feel like I’ve been resisting these changes for a while. I’m too young to be a fossil, but I feel like one lately.

Before you read this, know that I am not the most technically-savvy person. I can barely operate my mom’s new car (because it would rather drive itself), still can only manage the basics of Spotify, and just think pairing a Bluetooth device should be easier.

Alas, my systems are breaking and the forces of change are urging me forward.

  • Am I a dinosaur for not wanting my entire life to be digitally-calendared? I tried using Calendly instead of back-and-forth emails to book phone calls (which Jill Anderson wrote about here). I LOVE the concept and ease of booking appointments, but then I realized to have it fully know when I’m available, I have to add my entire life to my Google calendar, like when I go to the gym, doctor’s appointments, lunch appointments, etc. And I don’t want to do that!
  • Am I a dinosaur for wanting people to be able to hear my voice and leave a voice message? Skype stopped offering personalized voicemail because they said few people used it. Now people can leave text messages or video messages instead. I think this is nuts! Now I need a new business phone number.
  • Am I a dinosaur for still wanting to accept Paypal? FreshBooks is letting me change over to the new version which doesn’t support Paypal anymore. I love Freshbooks and know it’s going to be great, but I’m just not ready to make the jump. 
  • Am I a dinosaur because I only want to use Microsoft Word? Google Docs makes me want to throw something. I like Google docs for lots of things, but I don’t like it for tracking changes and sharing documents with my clients. I find it very confusing!

I’m concerned that I will go extinct before 2018 arrives!

I do know the longer I hold on to old ways of doing things, the harder it will be to get up-to-date…but here’s my question: Are there some places where it’s okay to stay old-fashioned? Or do I have to do everything the new way?

Fine…if I have to…I can embrace everything except Google docs for tracking changes, okay?

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