How to make your marketing fun (especially when you're struggling)

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Guest post by Mary Vosika of True Voice Copy

I've actually been having some fun with all of this marketing. It really helps me to view this "work" as "play" and as "crafting time." After all, I'm crafting words, right? So seeing it as play is a big help for me.

As I was playing one day, something unexpected came my way. My good friend of more than 20 years, who is also a real estate agent, asked for some help with a flyer. Okay, okay, okay, not my target market, but I was intrigued. It just seemed like a fun project.

So I said "Yes"...and then...struggled for 5 days trying to create the best copy for the best flyer she'd ever seen.

I was nervous, anxious, and a little frightened that I wouldn't do a good job, and if I didn't do a good job, then she'd never speak to me again.

Defeatist I know, but it's what I thought.

So I toiled, and as the saying goes, to no avail.

And then...I decided to just play.

I let go and took that project up to my craft room and sat with it as I worked on some quilting, some sewing, some quilling, some coloring, and some card-making. I let it sit and stare at me. And I stared at it. And then...

I knew exactly what to do. Oh, it wasn't perfect, but it got the message across. So I put it all together and carefully, with my eyes squeezed and my lips pursed, I pushed the "Send" button on my keyboard.

I think I was sweaty. I was so afraid they wouldn't like what I imagined.

Then...I got this:  

I love, love the flyer! Just what we were hoping for and the Value Statement can be used for so many different ads. You really captured Chris! Thank you again for the work and customization of the flyer for our target audience.
Also, feel free to use me as a testimonial to your work.
Be sure to check your emails for a little, thank you from us! Enjoy


Well, that brightened my day and put a big toothy smile on my face!

The lesson?

Don't be afraid to play. Some of the best ideas come from play. I think it's because the mind is open and the creative juices are flowing. Regardless, it made me so happy!

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