How to Build Momentum in Your Creative Business

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Some days, even when you know exactly what you need to do to market your business, it’s hard to get yourself to do it.

And then there are those perfect days when you check off your to-do list and call a friend to meet for lunch because you magically have time to spare.

Life as a creative business owner is an ebb and flow.

But sometimes - especially in the beginning - it can feel like your business is all ebb and no flow.

If that’s you right now, here’s something that might help…

In one of my new favorite books,
The Smallest Lights in the Universe, astrophysicist Sara Seager shares this simple thought:

Momentum is a powerful force.

When you have momentum in your marketing efforts, finding clients and gigs that fit your goals can almost feel effortless.

Because you’re already moving forward.

And to continue moving forward takes far less effort than to begin.

But momentum doesn’t happen on its own.

Here are two things you need to know about building momentum in your small business marketing:

  1. You have to show up to build momentum.

    “Showing up” is my watchword for 2023. And that means you show up a little bit each and every day, and do what you can that day.

    If that’s 30 minutes a day, great. If it’s 5 minutes, that’s fine, too. Just keep showing up and you will start to feel the momentum carry your business forward.

  1. Things take the time they take.

    This is an idea from another one of my favorite books, Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks.

    As I said above, momentum doesn’t happen on its own. It requires movement, and it builds over time.

    The more consistently you show up, and the longer you show up over time

    The more momentum you will build.

So, when you feel like your business is “all ebb and no flow”... 

Just remember to show up and focus on building momentum with your marketing every single day.

Do that, and I promise you: Good things will happen.

If you need a little help “showing up” in your creative business every day…

I recommend picking just one thing you can do each day this week, and laying out a schedule for yourself, so you stick to it.

You can watch me explain this in the “Best Bits” of February’s Office Hours, here:

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