How often should you blog?

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  • How often should you blog?

  • How often should you send out a newsletter?

  • How many events should you attend? 

  • And how the heck do you carve out time for your own marketing?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that, in every single one of the new "Bat Signal Content Marketing" group coaching sessions, the biggest challenge I hear (and the most frequent question I get) is about how to find the time.

(Second most frequent question is where to find the ideas for content.)

In one of last month's sessions, a copywriter was bemoaning her lack of time to blog. Everyone (on mute) was nodding and adding "me too!" in the chat box.

I suggested starting with whatever's manageable on a consistent basis -- whatever you can get some momentum behind.

But a web designer in the group made a very counter-intuitive suggestion -- which could work. Here's what he wrote to me after the session:

"My thought was: if you can't do once a month, you might find it easier if you try once a week!

Why? Because it's the time in between, (i.e. the time away) that is really so huge.

"A longer time away puts more pressure to produce on the task that is already overwhelming.

So making it a little less important means less pressure and a step back from the idea that this is really, really big,
when it really, really only needs to become a routine task."

I totally agree with that!

Your momentum is more important than the frequency of the content. And that will be different for each of us.

That's what I'm loving about these small coaching groups -- we hear multiple perspectives and then we each get to choose what's best for us. 

FWIW: Here''s my more complete answer to the questions above: 

Whether you do an email newsletter or a blog, videos or even a podcast, do what's manageable. It doesn't have to be weekly or even monthly. There is no "should" -- it's your business and you get to choose what's best for it. 

What matters is that your content is consistent and up to date.
(Out of date blogs speak volumes and it's not positive!)

I usually recommend starting with a monthly email newsletter. But if that's too much, start with every other month or even quarterly.

For blogging, it could be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly -- start small and ramp up from there as you develop a routine.

Your process has to be simple enough that it doesn't get dropped the minute you get busy.

What is right for you?

That's what's at the heart of the new presentation I've been offering, "Bat-Signal Content Marketing to Attract Your Dream Clients"

It's not a webinar! It's a small online group coaching session. See when the next ones are happening -- it could be this week!

For the first half hour, I distill content marketing to its essence for creatives, talk about where ideas come from and show several excellent examples. Then, we brainstorm together to address your challenges.

After a recent session, one attendee said, "It was exactly what I needed to get back on track."

If you know you should be doing content marketing, but are stuck, this will help.

And if you can't make it or have already attended, and are interested in the new content marketing accountability coaching groups I've started, fill out the application and I'll send you the details.

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