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How not to stalk your best prospects

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Photo courtesy Shutterstock (Image ID:226765558)

Photo courtesy Shutterstock (Image ID:226765558)

I just gave a brand new presentation for Digital Olympus, a free online event. (You can download the PPT at and/or watch the video here and all of the Digital Olympus videos here.

My talk was called How Not To Stalk Your Prospects and Still Get the Project: What to Say When Walking the Fine Line of Follow-up When You Really Want the Project.

Okay, it’s a little long but it says what it needs to say: when you know you’d be a good fit but the client doesn’t know you exist, how do you get their attention without being perceived as a “stalker,” especially with so many stalkerish tools at your disposal?

The short answer is that it’s all in the mindset — and most of us have the wrong mindset, which is exactly what gets in the way.

Here’s the right mindset:

Give. Give. Give.

Share. Share. Share.

Exactly how to give and what to share is what I’ll be going into detail on.

But here’s a hint: It’s all about Content Marketing — whether original or curated.

And if you need a marketing plan to help you create the right content, check out the 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals.


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