Don't Worry - You're Not "That Guy"

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You know that feeling when you walk onto a used car lot…

And you’re glancing over your shoulder, preparing for the guy in the suit to make a beeline over to you with a big grin on his face.

You know he’ll ask “friendly” questions you’d rather not answer.

We’ve all been approached by someone who wants something from us. Whether it’s in a car lot or your LinkedIn messages.

And it’s the reason a lot of people tell me they don’t like networking.

Because no one wants to be “that guy”...

But networking isn’t about selling yourself or your services.

It’s not even about landing new clients!

In fact, I recommend that you never approach a new connection with the goal of getting something.

That’s not networking. And it won’t work.

Instead, think about networking as: Making friends.

That’s it! Making business friends.

In this second networking “Minisode,” Bonnie Fanning and I talk about how to make real, authentic connections with people – and in a way that won’t make you  feel pushy or salesy or… as Bonnie puts it – gross!

Watch to find out how to show up as yourself - and work with people who are naturally drawn to YOU:

Your network is one of the most important assets in your business. When you carefully build it over time, it will outlast any single job or “gig” you’ll ever have.

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