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Have you been "rejected" lately by a prospect or client?

I put it in quotation marks because there is another way to think about what many call "rejection."

When someone chooses not to work with me (and it happens all the time), I like to think of it as "information" instead of rejection ==> just one more opportunity to learn something about my market and how I am perceived so I can improve it.

In this short clip from a recent Office Hours (which comes with my Simplest Marketing Plan), I tell the story of how one of my clients used a recent "rejection" to learn something that, in the end, was more valuable than the project itself would have been!

Watch it here:


In this case, it was all about the language used to describe the services. You must make sure it resonates with the actual language your best prospects use when they describe what they need. The two have to match. 

And sometimes the only way to make sure they match is to literally adopt their language as your own. That's how I got my tagline, "get better clients with bigger budgets." That's literally what my best prospects said they were looking for. Well then, that's what I will make it my business to provide -- yes, quite literally!

Don't be afraid to co-opt their language. I think of it as regurgitation -- I listen and spit back what they said -- ok, not so literally. But you know what I mean, right?

That's what I do during the free mentoring session I offer -- because it works.

Sounds easy but actually, it's tricky -- one of the trickiest things to do consistently -- because it means you've got to put yourself in your prospect's shoes, in their brain and speak their language. That's what they understand. 

Because words matter -- in fact, you can join in a debate I started on LinkedIn about whether words or design matter more on a web site. It's a doozy! 

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