[Webinar] 3 Easy Steps to Price Your Creative Projects

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One of the most stressful elements of running a creative business is determining how much to charge. While you want your prices to be competitive enough to attract new clients, you have the right to earn the money you deserve.

Paperspecs.com is hosting Marketing expert Ilise Benun (that’s me!) to share my surefire strategy for finding that middle ground and pricing projects fairly and confidently.

You will  learn:

  • What to say (and never say) when someone asks, “What do you charge?”
  • How to figure out the absolute minimum price you need to charge.
  • How to find out what your prospects can pay.
  • How to control the money conversation so you can command the fees you deserve.
  • Why you should stop asking for the client’s budget.

3 Easy Steps to Price Your Creative Projects was made possible thanks to the generous support of Commerce Printing, FunctionFox and Storyboard.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

OMG, AWESOME webinar!!! I have my own design firm. I have been in business for 16 years, and am fairly confident about my pricing, but Ilise, you gave some AMAZING pointers on value and pricing that I will most certainly put in my arsenal. Thanks! -Denise

I love Ilise’s presentations, they are very valuable and have a ton of actionable information in them. -Kat

Ilise, you are such a clear communicator. Thank you so much. the concept of establishing value then bringing up money in the first conversation. -Susan

Listen to the podcast version here.

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