Fall in Love with Networking!

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The second quarter of the year is all about one of my favorite things:


Did you cringe when you read that?

Don’t worry...

Networking isn't what you think it is.

And, most everything I share with you for the next month will show you a better way to connect with people that's simple and even fun.

You'll get all kinds of strategic networking tips from me and some of my best clients, as well as expert friends, like Terri Trespicio, Beth Granger and Lisa Mullis.

And, once you hear the results other creatives are getting from doing their networking my way

And once you see how easy it can be...

I think you'll change your mind about networking.

Actually, I’ll bet you’ll even be EXCITED to get your own networking going.

Still think it's impossible to love networking?

Great, I love a challenge.

So, let's get to it!

Starting by addressing the mindset issues that hold creatives back.

If you tend to avoid networking because you:

  • Are a total introvert…
  • Are afraid of being judged…
  • Don’t like being “seen”...

Watch this short video conversation with me and Bonnie Fanning, where we address all of that head-on:

Video Minisode Thumbnail

You’re going to get a LOT of networking tips from me in April and May, so get ready for a mindset shift that could level up your business for the rest of the year!

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