Do You Know Your Competition?

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When someone signs up for my free mentoring session, I ask them to fill out this getting starting questionnaire which becomes the foundation document for their marketing plan. Usually, it shows very clearly what they should be doing (and what they’re not doing).

The questionnaire is pretty straightforward—yet one question that most people leave blank is “Who is your competition?” Most people don’t know. Sometimes, they list creatives they aspire to be like. (Good to know—but not the competition.)  MM_Client_Questionnaire_2014

I can’t stress this enough … it’s important to know your competition for so many reasons: so you can follow them, see what they’re doing, see what your prospects are seeing, and understand the landscape in which you have to stand out. Plus, sometimes, you can even borrow their ideas.

Take a few minutes today to answer my questionnaire—and figure out who your completion is. Hint: They are the creatives who, in addition to you, your prospects are also considering for a potential project. If you don’t know who they are—you can always ask your prospect!


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