Do You Have A Chair? [QTMM 4-20-20]

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It feels to me like we're playing a global game of musical chairs. 

For some the music has stopped and you have no chair.
For others, the music is slowly stopping and you hope to find a chair in time.
And for a few lucky ones, the music is still going strong.  
No matter where you are in the game, you need a chair.
Your chair could be:
  • a year of savings in the bank
  • Or a niche that is going strong, like almost anything digital at the moment
  • Or strong relationships with existing clients and consistent marketing already in place
Any of these chairs -- the hallmarks of a healthy business -- would be good to have right now.
But, whether you have a chair or not, now is a good time to invest in your business. And I don't necessarily mean investing money. 
The goal is to become the small business owner you should have been all along and to make your business healthier than it was when the sh*t hit the fan. That way, you'll have a good, solid chair when you need it next time. 
In the video above (watch it here), I share 3 things you can do to invest in your business and relationships:   
  1. You can write recommendations on LinkedIn for your favorite clients. 
  2. You can share and "like" the content of those who need your support.
  3. You can learn a bit more about how to set a stronger foundation, whether for your finances or for your marketing.  
That last item -- your financial health -- is what I talked about with personal finance expert, Galia Gichon, on the latest episode of my podcast.
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