Do You Blurt Out Prices? [QTMM 9/27/17]

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Have you ever blurted out a price and then instantly regretted it?

Of course, we all have!

It's easy to feel pressured by someone who wants you to give them a price on the spot.

And this lethal combination makes you do it: 

1. You don't want to lose the project. 
2. You hate the money conversation so much you want it to be over as quickly as possible! So you sacrifice your income!

You know what happens...the blurted price is almost always too low and of course they agree to it.

Later, when you see how much work is actually involved, it's too late to ask for more. (Although, once I did and I got it -- but it has be worded very carefully.)

On the other hand, sometimes the price you blurt can be too high, which can scare away the prospect before you have a chance to demonstrate your value.  

That's why you have to be strong and resist the blurting urge.

The best thing to say, unless you are absolutely sure about the right price, is:

"Let me give it some thought and get back to you tomorrow."

This is not difficult!

Literally all you have to do is restrain yourself in that emotional moment and you've bought yourself some time.

That way, you can give the price careful consideration (i.e. sleep on it and talk to someone without a stake in it) and, when you're ready, quote a number you won't hate yourself for.

Try it -- you'll like it!

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