Command the Fees You Deserve: me on the Chase Jarvis Show!

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I agree with Chase Jarvis, who says, "Pricing creative work is an art onto itself."

Should you charge hourly or by the project?

Are you pricing yourself out of desperation or with profit in mind?

Well, those are just a couple of the important questions I answered in my popular CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve." (BTW It's a "staff favorite.")

And I'm sure that's why Chase shared a few lessons from my class on his podcast!

Listen and you will learn:

  • how to think about "what you’re worth"
  • the science of pricing
  • 4 pricing strategies you can use right now
  • how to land clients who value your services and stop the self-defeating cycle of taking whatever comes along
  • the myths of the “starving artist”
  • how to eliminate the negative money mindset that asking for what you want is greedy or selfish
  • how to get over "Imposter syndrome" 

As Chase says, "This episode is critical listening and only scratches the surface of what Ilise covers in her class. If you're trying to make money from what you create, be sure to check out her class on CreativeLive."


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