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I think we can all agree that technology is, pretty much, mind-blowingly awesome. It makes our lives so much easier in a zillion ways. With technology moving quickly, new tools to help us come out every day. As a web designer/developer, this stuff makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning…

But just like with anything great, some moderation is necessary. We have to weed out what’s not necessary and only use what is. Otherwise it just becomes clutter and wastes time. And we’re too busy for that!

So, I’m not saying I’m the ultimate authority on useful blogging tools, but as a busy wife and mom who wants to be super-awesome at my business without wasting time—I’m a fan of maximizing. And I want my blog (and my clients’ blogs!) to be as engaging as possible.

I went home from WordCamp Atlanta with a list of blogging tools to try. I tried them out and found 7 that I really like because they’re extremely useful. When it comes to Content Performance, check these tools out:

  1. BuzzSumo: Enter a topic and BuzzSumo shows you the most shared content with that topic. This is super helpful to see what content is performing well so you know if it’s relevant to your audience.
  2. Google Trends: See what’s trending in various topics and locations. Great for seeing what’s hot right now in your industry.

See my recommended tools for Content Ideas and Content Analysis in my latest post, 7 free blogging tools you need to try out.

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