Better at “creative” than “pro”?

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We’re away at CFC. Follow the action as it happens with Twitter hash tag #CFConf. is an excellent resource where “creatives go to know.” They recently reviewed our Pricing Bundle: The Tools for Smart Pricing.

Many creative pros are better at the "creative" part than the "pro" part. For example, business aspects like deciding how to price your work are tricky. The outstanding Marketing Mentor is offering a Pricing 101 course that can help.

The bundle includes two hourly rate worksheets, two estimating worksheets, seven written articles, two audio interviews, and one webinar. The ground covered goes far beyond the relatively simple question of whether your pricing is appropriate. You'll also learn how to figure out the client’s budget, how to steer the money conversation in the direction you want it to go, and many more nuances of this potentially sticky topic. Read more.

Check out their business how-to section:

See what's included in the Pricing Bundle.

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