Being a teacher feels awesome

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I didn’t expect to be “a teacher.”

And I didn’t expect to be so impressed with the process of putting together a Skillshare class—but they made it so easy.

Because of Skillshare’s awesome resources and community—I’m officially the creator of this course: From Print to Web: The Fundamentals of Web Typography.

Why I did it

  • To generate passive income. (Ilise doesn’t like the term “passive income” because there’s nothing passive about the effort that goes in to creating a course.)
  • To share my knowledge
  • To get information out there and hopefully increase newsletter subscribers

Did it work?

  • Passive income: a little bit! $200 so far.
  • Shared knowledge: Yes, definitely! 69 students so far.
  • New newsletter subscribers: a handful!

Going through the process of putting my knowledge into a course outline was a great learning experience. And I have to say, “teaching” felt awesome because I love paying it forward.

If you’re interested in teaching too, check out my latest blog post where I answer the question:

Should you teach a Skillshare class?

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