7 Worst Negotiating Mistakes

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Can you commit to stop making these negotiating mistakes in 2018? 

In this new talk I gave at the Titanides Live event in Delray Beach, I described 7 of the worst negotiating mistakes:

  1. When they put the number on the table, you take whatever’s offered.
  2. When you make the first offer, you don’t start high enough.
  3. You make assumptions about what they can (and can’t) afford. 
  4. Being impulsive and blurting out prices.
  5. Being desperate and not having a back up plan.
  6. Betraying your nervousness by talking too much.
  7. Devaluing yours services by cutting your prices.

The premise was "negotiating mistakes made by women" but I've heard from many men that there's no reason to discriminate when it comes to negotiating mistakes!

In this video, I elaborate on each and share a few suggestions for correcting those mistakes -- all very practical ideas, as is my preference.

So watch and learn!

And if you like what you see, watch more on the Marketing Mentor YouTube Channel.


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