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Resources for Growing Your Creative Business

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Find your market: trade associations

If you need help finding your market, this page has plenty of trade associations and resources that might help.


10 Things You Need to Know About Your Prospects (on FreelanceSwitch.com)
How Much Is Your Time Worth? (at FunctionFox.com)
How Not To Network (at Biznik.com)
Will You Ignore the Stranger Next to You? (also at Biznik.com)
Online Marketing Tools for Creative Pros (at CreativePro.com)
A Week-to-Week Marketing Calendar (at HOWDesign.com)
Can't Miss Marketing (or making the most of every message you send)
Can You Read Me? (or constant contact with email newsletters)
How to write tips (from Quick Online Marketing Tips)
More articles (from www.artofselfpromotion.com)
Small Business Owner's Guide to Blogs and E-Letters (at Early to Rise)
A Simple Formula for Follow Up (at Freelance Switch)
How to Talk About Money with Clients (at AdBase.com)
Marketing is Like Meal Planning (at AdBase.com)
Word of Mouth Ain't All That (at AdBase.com)
What's Working Right Now? (at AdBase.com)
The Lazy Creative's Guide to Marketing (at AdBase.com)
Freelance: Working Collarboratively (HOW Magazine)
Freelance: By The Numbers (HOW Magazine)
6 Steps Toward a Successful Freelance Career (HOW Magazine)
Talking Price Without Alienating Customers (QRCA Views)
New Rules for Freelancers (HOW Magazine)
Are you excited? (HOW Magazine)
Managing your clients (HOW Magazine)
Finding your focus (HOW Magazine)
Making the move (HOW Magazine)
Who's in Control of your Business? (Applied Arts)
Are your Clients Qualified? (Applied Arts)
Hey! Why Doesn’t That Firm Need to Focus? (Applied Arts)
Becoming an Expert (in the Eyes of Your Clients) (Applied Arts)
Targeted Websites That Don't Alienate (Applied Arts)


View a few sample webcasts here:

Check out our other webcasts here:

Finding and Reaching the Right Prospects
Controlling the Money Conversation with Clients
Determining Your Client's Budget Before You Start
Presenting Killer Proposals
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Freelancer?
Proposals 101

What's Working Right Now: Real-World First Hand Success Strategies
What Should I Charge?
You're a Freelancer, Now What?
Get Rich in a Niche: Finding and Reaching the Right Prospects
How to Create Your Own Marketing Machine
How to Talk to Clients about Money (Especially in a Tricky Economy)
The Pricing Game: A Real-World Look at How to Price Design Projects
Confidently Closing the Sale
Marketing Smart Websites: How to Make Your Site Work Harder for You

Favorite Newsletters

www.creativebusiness.com Creative Business Newsletter (Get a special Marketing Mentor discount.)
www.bly.com Bob Bly's blog and ezine - a direct marketing perspective
www.wdfm.com Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers
www.BluePenguinDevelopment.com Michael Katz on email newsletters
www.publicityhound.com Joan Stewart's publicity tips

Client Newsletters

Bending Design
Johanna Goldfeld Design
Julia Reich Design
Lauri Baram, Panarama Design
Lisa Smith Youngdahl
Levinson Block
Ormiga Design
phixative creative
Sharman Studios
Sherri Gallowitz

Strategic Design Studio
SW Creatives
Elizabeth Coffey Design
22 Graphics

Alan Kravitz
Conrad Winter
Deidre Rienzo
Bryn Mooth

Karen Zapp


Tim Goldman

Consultants and Coaches:
Denise Lee Yohn 
Jezra Kaye

Websites we love


Small Business Resources

Interviews and Podcasts

Speaker image The Designer's Guide to Marketing and Pricing Podcast (excellent for non-designers too)  Speaker image Subscribe via RSS
Speaker image The Marketing Mentor Podcast  Speaker image Subscribe via RSS
Speaker imageInterview with Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate Show
Speaker image Interview on Build Your Business Radio
Speaker imageInterview with Bob Bly, copywriter
Speaker image Interview with Jody Gabourie (Do Your Pricing Problems Have Marketing Solutions?)
Speaker image Interview with Advertising Agency Jobs (The Art of Self Promotion)

More interviews with Jim Blasingame from the Small Business Advocate