Digital Proposal Single 34

Digital Proposal Single 34

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This mid-length proposal to revamp a non profit web site using WordPress is easy to read, emphasizes project management skills and talks about the problems their proposal will solve!



Web Site Redesign and WordPress Development for Non Profit
Submitted by: Krista Chambers, JPD Studio Inc. (New York, New York)
Project Type: Web Site Redesign and WordPress Development
Client's Industry: Nonprofit

(Included in the Digital Proposal Bundle)

The cover letter sets the tone:

  • The cover letter reiterates some of the client's goals for the project, assuring a common understanding of what is to be accomplished.

Reiterates the problem to be solved and the project requirements:

  • The proposal goes into more detail about the problems this project will solve, and exactly how JPD Studio will address those problems. This confirms that the client and design firm are on the same page, but also serves to manage expectations and establish parameters for gauging the success of the project once it is complete.

Provides examples:

  • The proposal includes a preliminary mood board that may serve as a starting point for the project. Spec work is not recommended, but in this case, the client and design team are already working together on other projects, and this exercise demonstrates (with little effort) that the firm is already thinking about the direction this new project could take. If proposals have been solicited from other firms, this element reinforces the fact that JPD Studio has a competitive advantage.
  • The proposal includes work samples that are relevant to the client's project, as well as client references and contact information. All of these elements reinforce credibility and experience.

Outlines the deliverables:

  • The project scope is detailed enough to be clear, but not overly technical in nature.
  • The timeframe is stipulated as a window, but with caveats for delays on the client side.

Reinforces professionalism and experience:

  • JPD Studio promotes its project management acumen by listing the tools used for communication, file sharing, troubleshooting and time tracking.
  • Team bios are included, and professional headshots make the presentation authentic and approachable.

Details estimate of costs:

  • Project costs are broken into phases that correspond to specific deliverables. A total cost is specified, along with terms for progress payments.

Keeps the conversation flowing:

  • The proposal lists next steps in friendly and clear terms, including an explicit invitation to continue the conversation. There is also reference to the fact that the client and design team are already working together—so (implicitly), why not continue the collaboration?

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