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Digital Proposal Single 33

Digital Proposal Single 33

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In this mid-length proposal, the designer uses the 3-tiered pricing strategy and it worked! She got the project at the highest fee proposed.



Digital and Print Ad Campaign for Equine Industry
Submitted by: Kathy Lacy, Greenfield Graphic Design (Lexington, Kentucky)
Project Type: Digital and Print Ad Campaign
Client's Industry: Equine/Thoroughbred Charity

(Included in the Digital Proposal Bundle)

This mid-length proposal stands out for its approach to addressing the client's advertising needs. Kathy presents the client with three different solutions at different price points, and each solution is accompanied by additional recommendations (and an incremental fee increase) to leverage additional value.

The cover letter sets the tone and suggests a specific next step:

  • The cover letter requests a time for Kathy to review the proposal with the client and to answer any questions. This shows Kathy's interest in continuing the conversation rather than just lobbing a proposal into the client's court and waiting to hear from them.

Establishes relevant experience:

  • The About section of the proposal establishes Kathy as a credible, experienced and focused marketing professional whose history and client list reinforce her industry knowledge.
  • The proposal includes relevant work samples accompanied by client quotes.

Outlines the deliverables:

  • The proposal includes three different detailed options for completing the proposed project. Presenting three options gives the client three opportunities to say “yes,” rather than one opportunity to say “no.”
  • The proposal includes an action plan with a detailed description for three phases of work.

Demonstrates an above-and-beyond approach:

  • Each of the three options includes “extra recommendations” for consideration, and there are two pages of “thoughts on additional marketing elements” included at the end of the proposal. This demonstrates that Kathy is going beyond a predefined scope of work, and is thinking about additional components that would deliver more value and effectiveness in achieving the client's goals.

Outlines fees:

  • Estimated cost is noted as a reduced rate, so the client understands they are receiving a discount.
  • A per-hour fee is quoted for items that exceed the defined scope of work.
  • Fees for other services, including photography, illustration, print, programming/coding, etc., are noted as excluded from the estimate.

Keeps terms basic:

  • Terms and conditions are included, but are extremely brief.

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