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Designer's Proposal Single 9

Designer's Proposal Single 9

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Video for a Pet Product Company



Highlights: More and more design firms are being asked to extend beyond traditional design projects, to include services such as video. So we include here a proposal for a video project.

You'll see that this proposal is minimalist;it doesn't go into a lot of detail. This is one way of handling a project where the firm doesn't have a lot of experience but the combined experience of the partners is positioned to fit the bill as well as possible. In fact, on page 2, they acknowledge that fact with, “Do we have a gigantic portfolio of videos to show? No we don't — we're going to admit that right up front. But what we do have is a background in strong conceptual design, copy writing that breaks the traditional mold, and vision to bring ideas to the table that other agencies may not. Our perspective on your project is that great design and strong messaging always gets the point across. And that's powerful stuff, in any medium.”

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 1)

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