Designer's Proposal Single 8

Designer's Proposal Single 8

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Marketing Campaign for a Medical Center



Highlights: This proposal is a response to an RFP from an unfamiliar prospect for a comprehensive campaign with many moving parts, including advertising, marketing and communications plans. The firm speaks directly to the prospect's industry from page 1: with a large industry-related image on the cover. They also dedicate a page to partners they will collaborate with on the various elements where they need expertise.

Because it's such a large project with many unknowns, it's too early to quote actual prices. It is possible at this point, however, to provide guidelines and price ranges.

Emphasis is given to showing the firm's process, which is especially important with such a large project. Through text and image, they show thumbnails of checklists and other tools they use to keep production on track. Also, because the goal is to persuade the prospect that they can handle this size job, they dedicate almost a third of the proposal to relevant samples done for household name clients in case study format (rather than image only), including return on investment and results, where possible. They use language that leaves room for modification as the process moves forward by stating: “*Water Street Design reserves the right to provide a revised estimate and schedule to the client upon completion of the Discovery phase of the branding project.”

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 1)

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