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Designer's Proposal Single 7

Designer's Proposal Single 7

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Rebranding for a Government Agency



Highlights: First of all, although this PDF document is almost 40 pages, you'll notice that half of them are full of redacted text with but one relevant line readable. These pages are actually the backs of each printed page and are in keeping with the “secret agent theme” of the entire RFP response. You can tell right off that this firm has personality and they explain in the cover note, “We realize that you'll be poring over a heap of these documents. So we figured that you might as well have a little fun when you're doing it.” More personality is expressed in the copy throughout the proposal, but especially in the footnote-style comments, called out in red.

But it's not all fun & games. They emphasize deliverables at the beginning, but also at each stage in the described process. This is particularly useful for the client who may not quite understand what they're going to ‘get' at the end of the project.

Note that at the end, where the fees are proposed, the client is offered two options—a high and a low—with an explanation (in red) about the difference between the two.

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 1)

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