Designer's Proposal Single 5

Designer's Proposal Single 5

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Rebranding & Packaging for a Tobacco Company



Highlights: This proposal from Hayden Roberts Creative is very clean, fresh and presented in an engaging and easy to read format, with a nice balance of image and large size text. Written in the first person, with his enthusiasm shining through, the proposal for this one-man-band highlights his team and his background, with a full 4 pages of 14 dedicated to persuading the prospect he's the “man for the job.”

Roberts also shows highly recognizable samples and drops some pretty impressive names in the target market with which he has past experience. The pricing is simple, offered with round numbers per phase and no unnecessary detail complicating things.

Roberts didn't get this job but was the 2nd choice out of 22 proposals submitted. He was told in his post-proposal phone debrief (which he requested and got) that there will be more opportunities with this prospect.

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 1)

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