Designer's Proposal Single 20

Designer's Proposal Single 20

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Sales Collateral + PR for Apparel Company



Design Proposal Single No. 20
Submitted by: Elements Design (Branford, Connecticut)
Project Type: Sales collateral and public relations services
Client's industry: Sports apparel

(Included in the Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 2)

This firm went from hit-or-miss success with its proposals to a string of at least 10 accepted proposals in a row (this, after revamping their proposal structure and content based on lessons from the first edition of Designer's Proposal Bundle). Elements owner Amy Graver was so impressed by the results, she dubbed the bundle “The Proposal Bible.”

Clearly states what is being developed:

  • In the project objectives and breakdown section, Elements outlines the work in sections, detailing what the firm will provide—including meetings (how many and how long), number of concepts to be presented, and vendor/project management.

Clearly describes the process of how work will move to completion:

  • In the estimates and cost projections section, Elements details how each deliverable will be developed and completed, including how many initial concepts to expect, how many revisions are covered by the estimate, and the hourly cost for additional rounds of revision, if necessary. They also detail what is covered by “project management” between the design firm and the production company, establishing value for that bundle of services.
  • Timeframes are stated in weeks, rather than specific dates that would invariably change depending on when the proposal is accepted and work is initiated.
  • Costs are itemized rather than bundled as a package.

Establishes credibility:

  • As part of the background and capabilities section, the proposal includes services that are not part of the current scope of work. This not only provides a broader picture of the firm's expertise, but is also a subtle form of suggestive selling.
  • The people working on the project are staff, not virtual team members, and are introduced with photos and descriptions.

Provides abbreviated terms and conditions:

  • The terms and conditions page is very brief, detailing the fact that the proposal is an estimate and is good for 15 days. Below that, a bulleted list of what's not included in the estimate is detailed.
  • Any additional fine print is presumably deferred to the contract. Including too much legal language can be premature at the proposal stage, as is unlikely to affect the selection of one firm over another.
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