Designer's Proposal Single 19

Designer's Proposal Single 19

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Technical Web Redesign for Member Association



Design Proposal Single No. 19
Submitted by: Ledden Design iT (Toronto, Ontario)
Project Type: Website redesign
Client's industry: Accounting

(Included in the Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 2)

This proposal is for a website redesign project with an extremely aggressive deadline. The proposal does a good job of demonstrating the firm's appreciation of the delivery requirement, and because time is of the essence, provides a fairly detailed plan for how the project will move to completion.

Reiterates the problem to be solved and the project requirements:

  • It's obvious there is a big sense of urgency with this project (final deliverables are due less than one month from the proposal submission date). Ledden Design iT begins immediately with a statement of the existing site's problems, requirements for phase 1 of the project, and assumptions that affect the project's plan, schedule and cost.

Outlines technology and project plan:

  • Ledden Design iT details the content management system, forum platform and hosting package with associated costs. Given the time requirement, Ledden is particularly wise to recommend (strongly) a host company they already have a relationship with in order to avoid potential difficulties or delays in navigating a new provider's system.
  • The project plan lays out the scope of work, step by step, making it easy for the client to appreciate everything that is involved, the sequence of steps, and the project's progress once work is underway.
  • The plan clearly specifies new versus existing content so everyone has a common understanding of what is being developed and what is being carried over from the current site.
  • Collectively, this section demonstrates a solid understanding of the technology involved, as well as the firm's experience with this type of project.

Outlines schedule:

  • This demonstrates (again) an understanding on behalf of Ledden Design iT of how important the delivery date is to the client. Steps are outlined with hard start and end dates, as well as who will be responsible for the action items on both the side of the client and that of the design firm.

Details estimate of costs:

  • The estimate includes a detailed breakdown of costs for three categories of work: design, implementation and project management. The estimate also itemizes hours required as well as the number of people involved for each step. It is unusual to include this level of detail in derivation of costs, but may be required on a project-by-project basis.

Introduces the team:

  • The Ledden (virtual) team is profiled with specific reference to high profile projects and clients, industry recognition, educational credentials and individual areas of expertise.

Defines project management approach:

  • The proposal identifies specific roles for different members of the team, including designation of a single project manager.
  • Policies for file backup and protection of confidentiality are included, as well as a statement of coverage for errors and omissions insurance.

Provides relevant case studies:

  • Two relevant case studies are included in the proposal, with team members and their respective roles identified. Visuals are included to support the case studies.

Provides references:

  • References with contact information are included in the proposal.
  • Industry memberships are listed, with tenure and leadership roles included as applicable.
  • A letter (on client letterhead) is included that refers specifically to a project with challenging deadlines, and notes how the owenrs worked successfully under pressure, and responded with alternatives when faced with additional challenges.

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