Designer's Proposal Single 15

Designer's Proposal Single 15

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Website Redesign for Higher Education



Design Proposal Single No. 15
Submitted by: Honey Design (London, Ontario)
Project Type: Website redesign with content management system
Client's industry: Education

(Included in Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 2)

This proposal stands out for its success in making a simple presentation for a complex project. The cover letter establishes relevant experience:

  • This proposal is for a project for an educational institution, and Honey Design emphasizes the firm's expertise in this area—noting work with more than 15 educational organizations. The cover letter goes on to state how this extensive background allows Honey Design to respond to the client's needs immediately, because there is already a fundamental understanding of the education market.

Simplifies the complex:

  • In the agency background section, the proposal reiterates Honey Design's strength in the education market, and establishes a shared understanding of the client's audiences.
  • It demonstrates the firm's approach to similar projects, in terms that are easy for a nontechnical person to understand.
  • Accessibility is a requirement for clients in certain industry sectors, and the proposal calls out the firm's expertise with different sets of standards, both for public and private sector clients.
  • Drupal is either the specified or recommended platform of development for this website project, and Honey Design lists the firm's strengths working with this platform. Again the proposal goes far enough to demonstrate a solid foundation of expertise without overwhelming the reader with technical detail and jargon. This point is important, because if the primary project contact on the client side is not a technical person, they should feel at ease that the design team won't be talking down to them in terms they do not understand.

Outlines the process visually:

  • Honey Design's BuzzbuilderTM design process is laid out visually so the prospective client can envision progressing through the project with the team. This helps demonstrate the value (and depth) of expertise Honey Design will provide, and positions the firm well from a comparative standpoint in the event other proposals have been solicited.

Outlines the timeline (and who does what) visually:

  • Remaining true to form, Honey Design presents the project work plan in an easy-to-read grid, detailing the stages, deliverables, time line (in weeks) and client's responsibilities. This establishes a sense of ownership and accountability on the client's part before work ever begins.

Establishes thought leadership:

  • In addition to showcasing the team and their respective talents, the “Meet the Hive” section positions Robin as a thought leader through her leadership in a local arts incubator and industry trade association, as well as being sought out as a speaker on the topics of branding and graphic design.

Demonstrates expertise:

  • Case studies effectively demonstrate Honey Design's research-based approach to problem solving. The selected studies also highlight specific project components that are directly related to the scope of work covered in this proposal.

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