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Designer's Proposal Single 13

Designer's Proposal Single 13

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Marketing Campaign for Aviation Industry



Design Proposal Single No. 13
Submitted by: GORMAN360 (Birmingham, Michigan)
Project Type: Website content revision and optimization, online marketing, direct mail, video
Client's industry: Aviation

(Included in the Designer's Proposal Bundle, Vol. 2)

This is a great example of a brief proposal presented to a very small company with very specific requests for the immediate term. Jim Gorman (who you'll come to know in more detail in proposal #3) answered the prospect's question, “What do we do RIGHT NOW?” in this proposal. The prospect was not seeking an extended maintenance contract or an expanded scope of work, but Jim took the opportunity to recommend additional services on an ongoing basis, while simultaneously introducing the prospect to more of Jim's capabilities.

Identifies the target and recommended messaging:

  • Jim identified a specific target market interested in a certain type of airplane and provides his rationale (“Most airplanes, easiest installation, common desire for better performance”).

Keeps timeframes in check to maintain focus:

  • Jim organizes his presentation with the headings “Now, Soon, Later and Always” so the prospect can focus on the needs that are most urgent and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Detail is focused on the “Now:”

  • Since there is a sense of urgency in making short-term changes, Jim limits detail to the “Now” items in the proposal. Because the company is small and we know may be challenged to sustain a heavy ongoing effort, Jim's time investment in preparing the proposal is limited appropriately.

Two pages of creative are included:

  • In this case, the prospect is probably unaccustomed to working with a professional creative firm. Including relevant creative work samples will help this type of prospect to better understand what would be entailed in creative development and delivery.

Itemizes pricing and distinguishes between creative costs and recurring/monthly maintenance costs:

  • While a high level of cost itemization is typically not advised unless it is required, Jim goes to that level to help the prospect (again, probably unaccustomed to working with a professional creative firm) understand how the different elements compare on a cost basis.

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