Copywriter's Proposal Single 31

Copywriter's Proposal Single 31

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White paper (copy and design) for aviation industry



Submitted by: Stephen Hadley, Inkspot Creative (
Proposal type and style: Long, presented in prose, from an agency perspective (“We”) and in a professional tone.

Highlights: The main feature of this 34-page proposal is the 30 pages of samples (not shown), chosen for their relevance to the project being proposed. This is very common in design firm proposals but not used frequently in copywriter proposals. There is no reason, however, not to include samples, especially if you need to demonstrate your depth of experience in the industry and/or with the type of project. Pages and pages of samples make a much stronger impact than a simple list of clients and services or projects.

The other element to note in this proposal is the in-depth description of the process, which is important to include so the prospect understands what they are asking for and what it takes to get done. Otherwise, they may diminish what's required and thereby diminish the value. And if they can't perceive the value, they won't be able to justify paying a higher price.

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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