Copywriter's Proposal Single 29

Copywriter's Proposal Single 29

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Web copy for a design firm



Submitted by: Betsy Smith, Betsy Smith Worldwide (
Project Type and style: Web copy (including positioning copy, naming, keywords and actual site copy). Long, written in skimmable format and a professional tone.

Highlights: Unlike most proposals, in this one the fees are right up front, submitted as a range, followed by bulleted project details—objectives, deliverables, proposed schedule and a list of materials requested—comprising the first two pages. Then, two pages of terms and conditions + contract elements and two pages of “marketing” information, including About Betsy Smith Worldwide (the company), a partial list of clients and a bio of Betsy Smith. Note, one of the terms is to include a credit line for the copywriter if the project is published somewhere.

(Included in Copywriter's Proposal Bundle)

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